Our Partners

GVD brand has begun its journey in the energy sector. producing its own boards. In 2008,  got its 4000 A / 80 kA full type test Certificate and started to take its place in international projects. In 2011,  produced the first fully withdrawableMCC panels in Turkey.

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– Diesel Generator Sets

– Mobile Generators

– Synchronization Systems

– Customized Solutions

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WEG is committed to creating quality products and efficient solutions. To achieve this there is continuous investment in innovation and team work. Helping people reach their goals by living the values of the company is a passion shared by everyone at WEG.

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Why Choose us

We are technically competent and trustworthy.
You are considered a long-term business partner, not just a customer.
The director is an electrical engineer with 29 years of experience.
Our offer is more for less.
We are backed by great organizations with high-quality products.
We work efficiently to save you more.
Products tested to the latest standards.
To help us grow to employ more talented Australians.

Strategy Development

  • Work efficiently and adopt the price penetration strategy.
  • Gradual growth to invest in better facilities and more team members.
  • Sell better quality for less.
  • Capitalize on the trust earned in the market for leads.
  • Growing the products portfolio with time.

Benchmark Engineering & Supplies