Eaton Energy Meters

General Specifications

  • Class B (1%) accuracy (TS EN 50470-1, TS EN 50470-3) when measuring active 3 phase energy.
  • T600 series are smart ready meters which can be ordered with smart extension feature. It enables low initial investment in deployments of meters to be smart later with new technologies. Embedded communication modules for T600 are WPort2-IT, NPort-IT and Pport-G3-IT currently. LoRA and other technology solutions will be available in future.
  • Splits day into 8 time slices; measuring consumed energy in 4 different tariffs; weekdays, Saturday and Sunday can be programmed separately.
  • 10 year lifetime lithium battery protects time and date information against power cut.
  • Keeps information on permanent memory for 100 years without the need for energy.
  • LCD screen showing consumed energy according to tariffs and error notices.
  • Battery weakening, real time clock corruption, absence of one of the phases, wrong phase sequence, reverse current direction main cover and terminal cover intervention can be seen on LCD as flashing symbols and with their code numbers.
  • Supports TS EN 62056-21 protocol on optic port for communication and programming needs.
  • An optional RS485 communication port is available for AMI/AMR applications.
  • Daylight saving time (DST) configuration is supported.
  • The information can also be read in power cut condition from LCD screen using button and via communication on optic port thanks to a secondary 10 year lifetime lithium battery.
  • Keeps energy values of actual and previous 12 periods in memory.
  • Maximum demand is calculated by its demand meter. Demand calculation period can be adjusted to 5, 10, 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes.
  • From 1 minute to 60 minute intermittently, up to 90 days long, 3 or 5 channels load profile.
  • The meter has current transformers inside. These current transformers have lifetime accuracy guarantee and advantages like very low energy consumption and isolation from the mains Meters with X/5 current transformer models are available.
  • Easy to read metering information even in the dark, thanks to the backlight of the LCD screen.
  • All three phase meters are MID compliant.
  • From 150V to 300V (3×220/380V) accurate metering.
  • Operating temperature range is from -40°C to 85°
  • Bidirectional models available.

Makel Usobim General Architecture

  • OSOS center is the installed data center of AMR. Data management, collection and storage are coordinated in this center.
  • Commands from OSOS data center passing through the routers and broadband modems reach to modems via ISPs and GSM/GPSR mobile internet infrastructure.
  • Modems doing all necessary communications with meters or bypassing commands to meters, behave as a gateway between meters and OSOS data center. Communications are encrypted. If desired, modems can do all the necessary communications with meters in determined times to pick-up and store all required data in standalone fashion and when OSOS data center asks for data, they transfer all stored meter data to data center
  • Data obtained from meters are stored in a strong database in OSOS Center. So, one can easily and safely reach millions of data in a short time.
  • When desired, internet and intranet users using a web browser which is available in their computers and by entering their user name and password can query all stored data, have desired reports or give new orders for  new data reading action.